I am dedicating all my words and music poetry to all designed pure love... Because we need to be artistic in love too... For him and her... For you to stay focused on realising your dreams... In him I see her... Me... a Dreamer........ I'm also dedicating my first music album to Leonardo DiCaprio, because his foundation and filmography are inspiring my songs. My music album follows my heart and soul from all my spiritual humanity. I would like to thank my fans for what you did, said or felt. With all my love for you all xxx Take care @LeoDiCaprio @dicapriofdn @CyndiaSCM @SophixWorld

World's Infinity In All Musicality

«Music Is My Genuine Freedom In A Landscape Of Wisdom» Cyndia Saint-Cyr Montès

December 2018 Autobio' is Comin' Up

«It's literally amazing to realise the huge connection between my life & first name with the real story of Cinderella, Nicole de Barbaraque, in the film «Ever After» with Drew Barrymore. Cyndia is the nickname that Cinderella's Prince was whispering in the name of love, but that's not finished... Here I am on top of my 36 years old, wishing to gradually transform all poetry, thoughts & feelings by sharing the intellectual kingdom I'm hidding right now in my head... But not for too long I guess... ;) All my life will be described totally in prose with «Mauve Winter Sky's Journey» inspired by Nobel Prizes to deeply express my romantic writings. For more details, please feel free to click on my Lyrics 7.0 to access my Sophix World.» From your dedicated Cyndia

John Mayer - Waiting On the World to Change

We could only take philosophy to better assist the society and this philosophical song represents the way I feel for our future... Multidisciplinarity contributes to the fall of anxiety. If we put less pressure to our generation for us to choose not one but two or three different domains at college or university, our creativity will combine both better opportunities and better understanding of our world.

Justin Bieber - Purpose (The Movement)

Everything starts with a purpose, but sometimes it's hard to find one while suffering at the same time. This song from Justin Bieber inspired me to compose my first music album Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise talking about the way I found peace on Earth. Now I'm free... I'm free, so free... Outside of my illness doors.

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

Mets des roses dans tes pensées et plus jamais de mauvaise herbe, soit heureux des réussites d'autrui et elles deviendront tiennes... I'm offering 2000 white roses to my Guardian Angel Michael by realising my dreams. I'm doing music, literature and cinema in his name through my song Landscape of Wisdom. My brother had leukemia. Now he's a starry warrior who's protecting me against struggles. 2000 white roses for brotherhood. 2000 white roses for protection. 2000 white roses for Love.

Coldplay - Paradise (Live 2012 from Paris)

Introducing myself to the concept of paradise in songs, I realised that if everyone on Earth are willing to share thoughts and feelings like my songs Landscape of Wisdom, Dream of Others Success First, Beginner's Chance, Business Design for Love & Outside of my Illness Doors, humanity could make a leap forward. That's why it's extremely important for multiple artists to share their thoughts and feelings as well, for the benefit of all societies. As songwriters, we must never be discouraged because life is a vast house of cards that is rebuilt with each inspiration.

I Surrender - Hillsong Worship

To surrender is a powerful way to find freedom. Everybody needs to know themselves through words, concepts, feelings, thoughts, artworks and blessings. After all... After everything we say, do, hear or feel, there is a light for and from freedom through our Guardian angel as in my song Landscape of Wisdom. We have the right to be ourselves even if there is multiple judgments from others, the only light of God is always the true romantic way to understand & support beautiful fragility of lives.

The Great Dictator Final Speech to Hans Zimmer's Time

Having this feeling for humanity, feeling of emancipation of words applied to mental mindsets until these words come across humanity. Genius owes everything to the environment, so let's make the world better together from rough diamond to fine-tune.

This huge business concept has borned from Mauve Winter Sky's Piano Solo, masterpiece created on July 7th 2000. Sophix World Enterprises and Cyndia Saint-Cyr Montès are now delighted to provide you with 5 sumptuous products and services related to music, cinema, literature, professional songwriting courses and life coaching experience. Our mission is to provide a poetic focus on the importance of multidisciplinarity in our lives. For more details, please visit our YR Boutique section.

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