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Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise

Price: 24.95 CAD
Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise Words and Music by Cyndia Saint-Cyr Montès 1. Awesome Love Ever After 2. Beginner's Chance 3. Beautiful Fragility 4. Business Design for Love 5. Dream of Others Success First 6. Fall of Anxiety 7. Landscape of Wisdom 8. Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise 9. Mauve Winter Sky's Piano Solo 10. Outside of my Illness Doors This music album is out NOW on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and many more, gently distributed in 44 territories. All the lyrics are available NOW in the Lyrics 7.0 section of this website. Summer in Cold Winter Spring 1. Purchase of Eternity 2. I'm Waiting for You 3. So everyone could shake his hand and pray 4. La colombe de Marie-Ange 5. Le génie du je nous pardonne sans regret 6. Realizing your Dream Light 7. Summer in Cold Winter Spring 8. Lorsqu'un petit garçon chante Summertime 9. Leo & Leo’s Piano Solo 10. Leo's Piano Solo Second music album available soon... In all platforms!

Mauve Winter Sky's Journey

Price: 34.95 CAD
Mauve Winter Sky's Journey (or) How to Fight Against Struggles to Bring Back Chance and Pure Success in Life I'm proud to propose you my autobiography totally in prose, all inspired by 9 Nobel Prizes making the fusion between art & science, exposing with greatest words my intuitive research about multidisciplinarity contributing to the fall of anxiety after comparing multiple doctoral and master's thesis from University of Montreal among others, all this for only $ 34,95 CAD taxes included. Are you ready to totally improve your daily life with self-esteem and self-confidence by reducing your anxiety with my motivational speech through romantic writings? Let's take advantage of my universal literature. Book Release in December 2018 !

Mauve Summer Sky's Film Project

Price: 19.95 CAD
Mauve Summer Sky's Film Project Two hours documentary only captured with the greatest smart-phone of the summer, making remarkable videos and pictures all around New York City with my digital music signature and radio voice speaking in background for only $ 19,95 CAD taxes included. 100% of the documentary profits will go to the charity Amnesty International to preserve human rights. Also, I'm pleased to announce you that the full documentary experience will be available on YouTube, Netflix and best HDTV stations ! Film Release on Christmas in July 2020 !

Professional Songwriting Courses

Price: 49.95 CAD
Professional Songwriting Courses | for Songwriters & Composers To make it easier, do I need to compose lyrics first and then melody, chords and music? What can I do to generate chills, emotions and feelings throughout my music? How do I find the best hook for my song? Is there some tricks to compose in a format for a particular genre or radio station? Maybe you have plenty of questions and ideas when it comes to compose your own songs. I strongly recommend that you start by reading the Lyrics 7.0 section on that website representing all the lyrics of my first music album Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise for you to get access to my artistic universe through professional songwriting courses, you will then benefit from all my songwriting knowledge, vocal techniques and music compositions related to my 15+ years of experience in music and literature. I'm delighted to provide you with one hour session for $ 49,95 CAD taxes included, and if you take a block of 5 hours, you will get charged for only $ 174,95 CAD which represents savings of $ 75,00 CAD. Are you ready to express your feelings throughout literature and music, bring all your passion to reality and be able to give chills to yourself and your audience through your own music composition? Call me today to get started !

Professional Life Coaching Experience

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Professional Life Coaching Experience through Clairvoyance & Clairaudience | Most of the topics are related to working on mental mindsets to achieve goals, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence into love relationships, entrepreneurship strategies and spiritual humanity, all religious belief combined If you’re ready to make a change in your life, I can help! As a life coach, it is my goal to help you reach your full potential through personalized coaching sessions. Whether you’re at a crossroads in life or uncertain about making changes in your life, I can provide you with the tools and advice necessary for reducing stress, gaining self-confidence and feeling fulfilled. I am dedicated to helping you make breakthroughs in your life, providing you guidance on living more authentically and with greater purpose. I'm delighted to provide you with one hour session for $ 69,95 CAD taxes included, and if you take a block of 5 hours, you will get charged for only $ 249,95 CAD which represents savings of $ 100,00 CAD. Are you ready to break your bad habits? Have longer lasting relationships? Be more successful at work? Call me today to get started! (438) 393-7592