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Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise

Price: 24.95 CAD
Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise Music Album Release in December 2017 Business Design for Love Fall of Anxiety Genuine Freedom In the Name of Last Summer Purchase of Eternity Mauve Winter Sky's Paradise ...And a lot more

Mauve Summer Sky's Film Project

Price: 17.95 CAD
Two hours film project only captured with a Huawei P10 making videos & pictures all around New York City with Cyndia's digital music signature and radio voice speaking in background. Film Release on Christmas in July 2018 !

Mauve Winter Sky's Journey

Price: 34.95 CAD
Mauve Winter Sky's Journey Autobio' Release in December 2018 All in prose All inspired by Nobel Prizes Subtitle : How to Fight Against Struggles to Bring Back Chance & Pure Success in Life